10 Places To Look For a Little Glamor Magick

For the past several days, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, has been square with Neptune, the overseer of our subconscious mind. This can make some of us feel more self-conscious about our appearances. In general, winter’s dark, cold days often bring about more negative views about things (for this flip-flop lover, anyway). In times like this, glamor magick is good for everyone.

Glamor magick is a magical practice that uses your personal power to bring about success. By focusing energy on charm, charisma, and things that make us look and feel good, we project energy into our surroundings, increasing the power of attraction – one of the central forces (along with organization) holding the Universe together. This post will share low-cost or no-cost ways to tap into glamor magick.

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you look good. Glamor magick uses these feelings to be more powerful and attract success.

What Types of Glamor Magick are There?

There are four general types of glamor magick:

  • beauty magick
  • fashion magick
  • wealth magick
  • health magick

There is no doubt that there’s a lot you can do if you are wealthy that attracts people to you – and not necessarily in a good way. So let’s focus on the other three as they are accessible to anyone, no matter how much you earn. Remember: the thing that makes something magical is intention.

Beauty Magick

All do things every day that can become part of glamor magic routines. Whether makeup, perfume, tattoos (permanent, temporary, or henna), or hair coloring/styling can be a part of a magical routine. Here are some simple ways to make your regular routines more magical:

  1. Charge those beauty products! If you use candles or incense for daily meditation, pass your beauty products through the smoke to charge them with energy. Alternatively, leave them out in the sunlight or moonlight (especially the full moon – she’s extra feminine and magical) or in the waxing moon after a new moon. Be careful, of course, not to melt your lipstick in the sunshine! Tamed Wild has goddess and intention pillar candles that are great for use in ritual magic.
  2. Incorporate oils and herbs. I like to purchase shampoo, cleaning, and other products that contain whatever herbs and essential oils I’m currently using in other practices. For example, I recently purchased seasonal household products that contained white fir and balsam essential oils from Grove Collaborative. Both oils are perfect for adding to your shampoo and conditioner, and other products during the holidays when stress is high, and you want to look, feel and SMELL your best! I also have a vintage atomizer with moon water and Siberian fir essential oil that I spritz over myself before I meditate (thank you, Tamed Wild, for that ritual, too).
  3. Treat yourself to something pretty. I LOVE surprises. There’s got to be a name for the “love of random things” – because I definitely have that! I started a small business (okay – I do it to get free stuff, and I’m my own best customer) selling Color Street products. Just having a cute mani makes me feel prettier. I also recently reactivated my Ipsy subscription service, which sends me a cute little bag of curated items based on my preferences. It’s an inexpensive way to try new things. And don’t forget – charge them before you use them.
An inexpensive manicure or wonderfully rich hand cream can make you feel glamorous, even sporting your Saturday jammies.

Fashion Magick

  1. Clean out your closet. If you’re like me, you have a bunch of clothes in there that 1) don’t fit you anymore; 2) someone gave to you, and you feel bad discarding; 3) you don’t really like but cost a lot once and you feel bad discarding them; 4) needs a button/zipper/stain removal/whatever, and you have been saying you’ll get to it for three years now… Get rid of all of those things. I did a big purge before my last move (and honestly could do another). Better to keep a few things that you love and make you feel pretty than to have a closet full of items that remind you of a different weight/body shape/time and make you feel bad. I get my clothes pretty much everywhere. I have liked the earth-mothery ones at Sivana lately.
  2. Try something funky and unique. Diamonds may be SOME girls’ best friend, but I’m just as happy with a unique piece of costume jewelry or something inexpensive and original. Some people maintain that natural materials are preferable for the energy they hold (compared to synthetic items). If you feel pretty/powerful/unique/magical in it – wear it! I try to find jewelry with symbolism that fits the intention I’m currently working with (e.g., the moon for feminine power, calm and love; sun or concentric rings for power and energy, and action). For me, jewelry selection is less about buying something new than choosing the right jewelry for the day. Remember: intention makes it magical.

Health Magick

  1. Hydrate. I am really bad at hydrating. I don’t like water! But I have had better luck drinking the right amount of water when I add a dehydrated lime or lemon juice packet or infuse the water with good herb tea bags. I have successfully replaced some of my (many) cups of coffee with Rasa, an adaptogen-rich coffee alternative. When you don’t drink enough, your skin and hair get dull, you feel weary, and it’s harder to adapt to life. Make hydration a glamor-magic priority!
  2. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Like getting enough water, eating more fruits and veggies has several “inside” benefits that help your “outsides” look and feel better. I currently use Misfit Foods to purchase produce and other slightly imperfect products delivered to my door weekly. Not only do I get organic produce at less than grocery store prices, I feel good because I am helping to reduce food waste which just feels glamorous and good.
  3. Get moving! I have a job that sometimes involves sitting longer than I’d like. Some experts say that sitting is the new smoking. Not only do you not benefit from moving your body when you sit, but you actually LOSE benefits from any previous movement when you have sedentary stretches. I did a couple of things to help myself in this regard. One: I (re)joined a gym. I chose Planet Fitness, because I really need their “judgment-free zone” philosophy. They also have a very reasonable price point (monthly memberships as low as $10), and such an assortment of activities that anyone can find something there. Black Card membership ($24.99/month), includes access to tanning (sun worship for those dark days of winter here in New England), and a convenient app for your phone which helps with meal planning and home exercise. Going to the gym might not seem magical, but remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup or fill it if it’s broken!
  4. Get those ZZZs! When I joined the gym, I got a coupon good for a free Amazon Halo View. One of the benefits of the fitness tracker is that it tracks my sleep patterns, including how long it takes me to fall asleep, how long I sleep, how much time I spend in the different phases of the sleep cycle, and whether or not I had any disturbances or time awake in the night. I have learned a lot about my sleep habits (such as the fact that I fall into a deep sleep within 5 minutes – often a sign that one is chronically under-rested), and that I feel more energetic and get more steps in the day after I had a good or excellent night sleep. There are many free apps that track sleep. Check one out.
  5. Speak kindness over yourself. When I began my current (stressful) management position, I made it a point to write an affirmation in my planner every day. I use the Moonly app, which is free and has many wonderful, calm, and beautiful benefits, including daily affirmations, dietary recommendations, and meditations. Practice speaking positive things over yourself – imagine the words accompanied by a sphere of protective light around you.
Taking care of your health is glamorous, and magickal.

Getting Glamorously Magickal… or Magickally Glamorous

I hope this post has given you some ideas about incorporating glamor magick into your day. If you can’t add something new right now, try to remember specifically why you’re doing something to give it intention: “I’m going to bed now. When I sleep better, I feel better. When I feel better, I make better decisions and feel more powerful. I want to be powerful.” “I’m putting my water jug in the moonlight to absorb the Moon’s female energy. When I drink the water, the Moon’s energy fills my body. I will feel stronger, more peaceful, more centered.”

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