How Finding Your True Calling Can Help You Get Your Heart’s Desire

The Year 2022 is winding down. If you are like me, you are reflecting on the challenges and triumphs of the past year and planning for the year to come. Knowing who you truly are, and having a clear vision for yourself for the future, can help you successfully reach your goals for 2023.

The trick to selecting goals you are more likely to reach involves knowing your authentic self and establishing your true calling in the Universe. Sound too “woo woo” for you? It’s really not – it’s the real secret behind those who meet with success and those who struggle to reach the goals they set for themselves.

Why Should You Know Your True Calling?

Much research shows the benefits of being true to yourself and knowing your life purpose. The National Geographic Society wanted to know the secret of longevity in the five areas of the world where the average life expectancy was the highest or where there was the largest concentration of people in their 100s – places they called the Blue Zones. Of the nine common factors contributing to the longevity of the people in these Blue Zones, one was a sense of life purpose – which alone adds up to seven years to one’s life expectancy.

Having a sense of purpose that drives your life is so important that many corporations use the principles of Rick Warren’s The Purpose-Driven Life as guiding aspects of their professional development and training. Having goals and a life direction can yield not only personal satisfaction but a longer life and business success.

How to Discover Your True Calling

Your true life calling is “true” because it is consistent with your personal strengths and interests and how you benefit others. Discovering this authentic calling is as simple as identifying these strengths, passions, and contributions to society and looking for where they intersect.

In your journal, create a chart with three columns. Label each column with the following headers: My Strengths, My Interests, Ways I Benefit Others. Here’s what the beginning of mine looks like:

It’s important to try to write at least 10 items in each column, as the more you write, the closer you get to your “core” values. The first few items you jot down will be the obvious ones others might say about you. For example, I’m a teacher and school administrator, and I’m pursuing my doctoral degree, so it would make sense that I might have an interest in education and lesson design. But that might not be my core passion or true purpose for being here on earth. By continuing the lists further, I see the common thread of simply wanting to help, encourage and build up others and of helping them understand information that can make their lives better – not just in the field of education.

Putting Your True Calling to Work in 2023

This underlying “true calling” now becomes the basis for my online presence, my writing and blogging focus, and the theme of my new nail-care business. Not only does this help with “branding,” but staying true to my authentic self ensures that my efforts bring me joy. What brings you joy becomes fun and not painful, and you are more likely to accomplish it.

Based on this analysis, I chose the following goals (and blogging topics) for myself for 2023:

  • Faith: Develop and maintain a daily practice of study, prayer, meditation, and yoga;
  • Finance: Focus savings on graduate school expenses;
  • Family: Cook dinner at home at least four nights per week based on ingredients that we have on hand;
  • Foundation: Dedicate time each week to creating a home that is a peaceful oasis for our guests and us;
  • Fun: Build at least one fun family activity into each month’s events;
  • For Me: Create a mini-homestead in our outdoor space.

I’m particularly excited about this last goal, which (this year) will involve a big strawberry bed (for freezing and canning), a chicken coop, and a patio garden.

What is Your True Calling?

Using the above process, you can identify goals that help you become authentic. When you are authentic, no one can take your place – and you can best serve others. Not only are you more likely to reach your goals and benefit others when you answer your true calling, but you will also enjoy doing so because your chosen goals bring you pleasure.

What is YOUR true calling? How can you manifest this in 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

And may your 2023 be full of joy, goodness, and peace.